Friday, April 27, 2012

The End

Its kind of weird writing this in the future. But the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy are worth mentioning.... I was physically so tired and really missed being able to move about like a normal human. I also was constantly playing mind games with myself of when I was going into labor. Luckily Chandler finished his semester 2 weeks before my due date. He has summer school, so this was just a 2 week window to relax, prepare for the baby, and HAVE the baby(assuming he cooperated)! We got lots of last minute little projects done, went for late night walks to the park, ate lots of yummy food, stayed up late, slept in, all the stuff it seems we'll NEVER do again now that I think about it! haha, the first weekend he had off my parents came down and hung out "just in case" I went into labor. That didnt happen... luckily everything worked out how we wanted it and we got everything done during Chandlers break!

38 weeks

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