Sunday, June 24, 2012

Then comes the baby...

The story of how our sweet baby came, through pictures :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

D Day

This is pretty long and maybe a little too detailed but there's many of you who've asked for they story. So here it is!

I cant believe its taken me this long to write my birth experience! It all went so fast and motherhood has completely taken over :)

The day before I went into labor I had my 38 week OB apt. The Dr asked if I wanted him to strip my membranes. I wasnt exactly sure what that meant, but basically it just helps loosen things up and sometimes causes women to go into labor within 24hrs. Chandler and I were unsure if we wanted to mess with anything especially since it asnt my due date yet. But I was so anxious to have the baby before he started school the folowwing monday that I figured it coudlnt hurt. So we went ahead with it. After the apt Chandler and I started to STRESS out. We werent sure if we were ready to have a baby in the next 24 hrs. Then we remembered that the baby was coming either way so we just have to accept that :) Later that day my back started to ache and I had some more uncomforatble braxton hicks, but otherwise it didnt seem like anything was happening. My sister and mom were thinking of driving down that weekend just to hang out, but after my OB apt I was feeling so nervous I talked them into coming sooner . Theyre just a 3.5 hr drive so they got in late that night.

Thursday morning I woke up very disappointed that I hadnt gone into labor. I thought for sure it would happen in the night. I went in and layed by my mom. We were just talking and my neices were playing on the bed with us. After a while I told my mom my "braxton hicks" were really getting uncomforatble. She had me time them just in case. I realized they were starting to become more regular. At this point I really didnt want to jump the gun. Everything I had read said first time moms labor a while and it can get pretty boring/exhausting if you get too excited too soon. I started trying to make plans for the day. I told Chandler to go golfing. I went downstairs to have breakfast. But the contractions started to get more intense pretty quickly. I wanted to go lay down but I was so nervous that I was already feeling that way this early on. After eating I just couldnt help it so I went upstairs to lay down. As soon as I laid down the contractions became soo intense I was really overwhelmed. My mom and sister came in and laid by me and I started crying. They were getting so excited and I was just feeling scared! After two contractions this way I realized I should probably get ready for the hospital. I quickly got ready and threw a bag together inbetween contractions. I called Chandler and told him I wanted him to come home. Instead of laying back down I just kind of leaned over on my bed still half standing up. This felt SO much better and the contractions seemed much more bearable. I labored this way for a while. I remember my sister and mom running around getting ready, sending her girls away, packing bags. I was pretty focused. When Chandler came home it was around lunch time and they finally talked me into going to the hospital. I was really nervous to have to change positions and even walk. I was also still trying to convince myself I wasnt in serious labor. My contractions were 60-90 seconds long and 3-5 mins. apart. They said we would go "just to check".

On the car ride over my contractions really slowed down and became less intense. I was so grateful I didnt feel like a crazy lady screaming in the hospital lobby (I was worried about that) but I was also nervous this meant I really wasnt in that serious of labor. They checked me and I was at a 5. Phew! I was really happy I was progressing. After we got set up in the room I got right back to serious labor. I went from wanting to be modest and polite to ripping the monitors off and forgetting about modesty, if yah know what I mean... I was SO focused and in a totally different place. Hard to describe. I had decided a few days before that I wanted to labor in the water. Las Vegas hospitals dont have tubs so I had to rent one through a midwife service. When we got to the hospital room we called them and they came right away to set it up. Once it was set up I was almost at an 8. I got in the water and it felt SO good. Everything seemed to be going so quickly I never even had time to think about an epidural. But the water had its own relaxing effect! I also did a lot of low pitched humming. It wasnt really part of the "plan", in fact I thought it was super embarrassing to be noisy during labor, but it worked really well for me. I remember later after I labored I told all the nurses in the room how embarrassed I was that I was so loud, they all laughed and told me they never even heard anything. Everyone swears I wasnt a crazy lady so I hope they're not just saying that...

 It wasn't long after being in the water that I started to have mild pushing urges. The nurse checked me and said I needed to wait just a little longer. I just let my body do what it wanted, which was to push a little. After a tiny bit of pushing my water finally broke. Then I could really get serious about pushing. There wasnt any counting or breath holding, it just felt like my body was pushing for me. I didnt really have a choice, it just felt natural. Ok, I'm going to sell out my peeps here, but at this point the nurse kind of messed up. She said she wanted me to push for an hour and then they would get the Dr, per his orders. I told her I was seriously pushing and he was coming soon. She laughed and said new moms dont push that fast. ok... Luckily my mom and sister were there so I still felt calm and knew they would catch my baby if need be :) It wasnt much longer after that when I told her I felt like his head was coming and she better check. She came over and listened to heart tones (still not checking!) and my mom finally said "I think I see the head" the nurse went to check and then screamed for my sister to push the panic button. In ran a few nurses and on the next contraction out came my baby! It was 4:45 on thursday May 3rd. Only about 6 hours after starting labor! The Dr walked in minutes later, very disappointed that he missed it. But I felt like I had such a successful labor and delivery despite that. Chandler and I couldn't believe how smoothly everything went! I couldnt have done it without Chandler and my mom and sister. It felt like we all worked together as a team. I absolutely love thinking back on my birth experience.


Friday, April 27, 2012

The End

Its kind of weird writing this in the future. But the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy are worth mentioning.... I was physically so tired and really missed being able to move about like a normal human. I also was constantly playing mind games with myself of when I was going into labor. Luckily Chandler finished his semester 2 weeks before my due date. He has summer school, so this was just a 2 week window to relax, prepare for the baby, and HAVE the baby(assuming he cooperated)! We got lots of last minute little projects done, went for late night walks to the park, ate lots of yummy food, stayed up late, slept in, all the stuff it seems we'll NEVER do again now that I think about it! haha, the first weekend he had off my parents came down and hung out "just in case" I went into labor. That didnt happen... luckily everything worked out how we wanted it and we got everything done during Chandlers break!

38 weeks

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I dont know what I would've done without all the amazing generosity of friends and family. I was seriously stressing about not having anything ready for the baby. I felt so loved to have so many showers. And by the end we were pretty much set!

My work threw such a fun shower with lots of yummy food! I couldnt believe how thoughtful they were :)

The Dental School wives
 Ashton threw such a fun shower with the dental wives! Most of those ladies are prego too!

Hyer/Peterson Family Shower

College roomies! 
Meg and Heather came down from Utah. It was so fun to chat and hang out like the good ole days :)

 My family drove up from California. I loved having them there

 I'm so grateful to have been so showered with love. Awww!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring break in 3D

For Chandlers spring break we went down to California. My mom was so excited to take us to a 3D ultra sound place. We had a PERFECT view of the baby's squishy little face. The ultra sound tech said shes never taken so many pictures. There was just way too many good shots! I stared at those pictures a few times a day that last part of my pregnancy :)

While we were in california we got to stay at a family members gorgeous beach house in Huntington. It was amazing and we had such a nice day walking along the pier and eating yummy food.

We also went down and stayed with Amy and her family. Her girls absolutely adore Chandler. We did a little prego photo shoot while we were there as well...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I really cant believe I'm on my journey to motherhood. Its a reality that wont set in until I'm holding that baby in my arms!

First trimester...
I was surprised to be sick for the first few months (mom and sister dont get sick), but luckily I was able to relax a lot during that time. Food was not a fun subject for me. I truly thought I would never love food again!

Second trimester...
By the time I hit my second trimester I was feeling GREAT! I started working and finally loved being pregnant (and food was yummy again!). I have loved feeling my sweet baby move, its definitely the BEST part about being pregnant. And this boy gives me those sweet moments lots! He is very active and always gives me a tap back when I rub my tummy to say hello :)

Third trimester...
I'm now in my third trimester at 30 weeks. I know the hard days are coming, but I'm still feeling good and working lots. My job is pretty much the nursing job I always wanted. Very flexible hours, no holidays, nights or weekends, still use my brain/skills, and practically no stress compared to the ICU! Besides some minor aches and pains, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I just had my OB apt today and the baby is still growing strong, and so am I! I cant believe how easily my body has packed on the pounds :)

I debated on waiting to post all these pictures until I'm full term, but decided I will do another update when I get to that point. So here's the progression thus far...











Its so funny looking back at the early pictures when I thought I was HUGE!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dental School

Chandler has been working SO hard in dental school. He studies late, gets up early, and still takes care of his prego wife! Recently his school had a "white coat" ceremony. Its basically a way to officially welcome the students to the profession... kind of confusing because they still have 4 years to go! But it was fun to see him up there and get excited for our future!!

I really am so proud of how hard my husband works for his family :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012